5 Reasons Why Short Form Video Has the Power to Transform Your Brand

5 Reasons Why Short Form Video Has the Power to Transform Your Brand

5 Reasons Why Short Form Video Has the Power to Transform Your Brand

Short form video is growing massively, thanks in part to Instagram’s one-minute limit on video length. If you’re looking to inform, persuade, entertain, or generally wow your audience, a brief video can get the job done in a hurry…

1. Get more action on social

If you want to increase user interaction with your brand on social media, a quick video is the best way to do it. The stats vary, but many companies report that branded or promotional videos have the power to increase clicks, likes, shares, web traffic, time on site, landing page conversions, likelihood to purchase, and return on investment. 

People don’t trust companies as much as they trust family, their mates, or even strangers. Vox pops—videos featuring spontaneous interviews with members of the public—are a great way to get powerful, authentic endorsements for your brand. Vox pops prove that at least a few other humans out there know about your brand and have an opinion about it. They create a perceived hype about your company or products. This is your chance to benefit from the fake news era, where facts aren’t nearly as important as the random opinions of strangers on the street.

3. Be unforgettable 

Branded video opens up a world of possibilities in terms of creative expression. It is a more dynamic representation of your brand than you can convey in other formats. Branded video helps you to be seen as classic, edgy, posh, quirky, or even offensive—all things that make your company more memorable in the minds of your audience. When people feel like they know your true authentic brand personality, they’re more likely to make a purchase and tell others about your company.

 4. Be seen as a leader

Short interview videos with key personnel establish your brand as the industry leader by sharing expertise in an authentic, natural way. They put a human face to your company and products, which makes it easier for people to trust you and do business with you. Plus, you can show off just how good looking you and your team are. Interviews with celebrities or other high-profile individuals in your industry offer powerful third-party credibility that can get even more attention.

5. Entertain while you inform

Let’s face it. Nobody really wants to sit through a boring sales presentation or read lengthy articles about products. People are increasingly turned off by advertising. But you still need to inform and educate your audience so they can become savvy buyers. Short videos and moving images are great solutions because they bring facts and figures to life in engaging ways. They quickly inform while they entertain, increasing the odds that your message gets seen, understood, and acted upon. 

Of course, the short format alone won’t automatically transform your brand. You’ll also need to tell a compelling story, produce polished video that’s aligned with your branding, and select the best platform for your audience.

Ready to transform your brand with short form video? Give us a ring. 

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