ZUZU Creations | New ways of working

ZUZU Creations | New ways of working

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We have broken down each aspect of our production and how we intend on applying various safety measures.


While we will miss having face to face meetings and coffees with you all! But, a ZOOM call will do the trick. Idea creation, storyboarding and planning will be done remotely via email and web-call. Any location recce will be done with one
crew member with Personal Protective Equipment.

Below are the ZUZU teams five commandments for shooting post COVID-19.

1) Personal Protective Equipment
2) Personal disinfection
3) On-site disinfection, post shoot
4) Crew temperature measurement
5) Client & crew distancing

Your safety and our crews safety is our priority.
It is important for us to respect any special requirements during this time. Before we shoot we will ensure there are no high-risk individuals on site.

We have been practicing social distancing long before the pandemic when editing and designing, so no change here. All content will be supplied via the usual means online.

If hard-drives are required, we will supply these disinfected via post.

Our Services
During this unprecedented time we have made some changes to our offer to better serve you and your brand. We have expanded our team to include a new talented animator, a social-media strategist and two new in-house editors.

01 Shooting
Our main service as you all know is the creation of content and videos. We cant express how excited we are to shoot again.

02 Editing
Our network of talented editors have been very busy over the last few months thanks to the beauty of remote working. New stories can be told by simply re-cutting some of the fantastic footage that would have previously filmed. We are ready to start editing when you are.

03 Animation
Animation can be used to add new sections of communication, with maps, information, GFX, VFX, 2D and 3D visualisations integrated with the footage to refresh the overall look and feel of the existing piece and bring it into a new dimension. A simple and effective solution to creating new content.

04 Social-media management and curation.
What is the point of creating beautiful content without any strategy behind it? We offer paid promotions on all of our videos targeted specifically at your audience using facebook business, We will also plan and schedule your content enabling you to focus on keeping
your customers happy.

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At ZUZU, our vision is to help create a more well world by nurturing creativity, practising conscious business, and facilitating partnerships. We strive to create a working environment that brings people joy and provides support through challenging times.

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