The meaning of VOLTA seems to locate itself within the the nature of the game itself. Having a pitch surrounded by playable barriers that return the ball to its participants. Whilst the term encompasses the formalities of play it also holds some weight in describing the relationship between the sport and its environment. It seems to hold reference to the idea of football and its players returning to the streets.

The video work Return, 2020 was shot on a series of urban, floodlit, 5-a-side courts in London on a typical English winters eve. The video was shot on super 8 film and the soundscape was recorded from the surrounding environment of the pitches. The crew and cameras were extremely unwelcome by the the facility staff and managers and repeatedly asked to leave. It was a beautiful moment where a comparative debate arouse between the use of a small super 8 camera and the camera on an iPhone 11. A group of players invited us to join their game (having heard the verbal friction between us and the staff). Joining in with the game allowed us to continue to subtly get the shots we needed to make this short piece.


  • 2020
  • Duration: 41 seconds
  • Short form video by Anthony Hensman
  • A collaboration with Toby Leary and Callum Pearson
Volta - Slide 1
Volta - Slide 2
Volta - Slide 3
Volta - Slide 4

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